Tuesday, 19 June 2012

refresh, restart, shutdown

if i have those three button. or terminate button. im not a good person to have the best things in life. im afraid to dream. just accept the feel. if i just can refresh, restart or shut it down. *by the end, i will still hold it tight.....

Monday, 18 June 2012

Dejavu di Kinabalu

New drama at TV3, ade Tiz Zakiyah, Aqasha n bla bla bla... rasa exited nak follow drama nih, cbb the title of course! Dejavu d Kinabalu!!!!!! why? cause diorang ade scene shoot at the peak of mount kinabalu, huhuhu,,,membuatkan aku nak repeat lagi hiking mount kinabalu! if people ask me what are the most unbelievable things yg aku dah wat, of course la Hiking mount kinabalu masuk lam list. and till now, its on top of my list! mmg best dpt naik sana, yg lagi best bila kita rasa kita x mampu at the beginning. ingt senang ke nak naik sana??? hahaha, kalo korang jenis yg fit macam atlet harimau malaya tuh, xyah cakap la kan. tp kalo jenis aku nih, jarang jarang bersenam adn bersukan,, mmg ler sesak nak naik. tp alhamdulillah, masa aku naik kinabalu rituh, semua ok. tapi rasa sesak napas x cukup tuh ade la gak,, hehehehe,,, thats is normal kot kalo naik puncak almost 4000 m tinggi tuh. tapi konklusinyer, MEMANG AKU NAK REPEAT LAGIH PANJAT GUNUNG KINABALU!!!!! the view? superb! view gunung kinabalu leh kalahkan view bukit yang pernah aku panjat masa kat Dublin, Ireland dulu. :)

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

morning with a big smile

it a Holiday.. Hari Wilayah!

Wakeup and getting ready early so i can join my friends jogging around FRIM. but something up which i cant continue with the plan.
So.. Lets me continue with the previous post about YES or No!!!
(and seems Mr Note being nice with me this morning)

What i wanna to say is.. If we ourselff dare to say YES,
We ready to take the action.. Even though something up in the future
like ur stomach having a bad day or whatsoever.
Erm... sound similar with me huh!

So this is one of the idea for me to be positive person.
Try to ready my self by saying Yes instead of NO!


YES or NO!!!

A simple word does make a big step ahead..

YES or NO!!!

P/S: I'll write it on the next post. Still trying to bloggig using my NOTE in a proper way.
Can u be nice to me Mr Note,, please...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

hello hello

Since a year... Maybe two. Not remember how long i kept the distance from blogging.
I want to start new, fresh, and pure.
Or maybe a restart to write...... A piece of me
Hooolllaaa!! And welcome back